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Effectively treating a Sports Injury requires a practitioner specifically trained in the diagnosis, treatment and management of Sports Injuries, beginning first with an understanding on how the injury may have occurred. Some sports such as baseball or swimming require a repetitive overhead motion that is often the mechanism of injury, while sports such as hockey or football involve high speed collisions that can cause contusions, sprains and strains. Injuries from running may be caused by a combination of overuse, inappropriate training schedule or poor mechanics. No two injuries or athletes are alike!

Once your Sports Injury has been properly assessed and diagnosed, an injury specific treatment plan can be created. This includes initially reducing the pain and/or swelling, and then gradually increasing the strength and ROM of the affected area through treatment and the prescription of injury and sport specific rehabilitative exercises. The ultimate goal of the Athlete and the Doctor should be a timely return to the playing field with little or no risk for re-injury. This may include things done outside the office to manage or prevent re-injury such as changing a runner's stride, tweaking a pitcher's delivery or modifying a swimmer's training routine. The Doctor may provide or recommend taping, bracing or orthotics as part of your short and long term goals, and will discuss the risks and benefits of those options.

In addition to his extensive additional Chiropractic Training, Dr Bardwell is a Fellow in the Royal College of Chiropractic Sports Sciences, qualified as a Sports Injury Specialist and is certified in Medical Acupuncture. He has worked with many provincial and nationally ranked athletes including hockey, basketball, swimming, running, golf and rugby. Dr Bardwell himself is a life-long hockey player who also stays active by running, cycling, yoga, downhill skiing, waterskiing, wakeboarding, paddle boarding and kayaking. As he's been known to say, "Those who keep going, keep going!"

Whether you are a professional athlete or weekend warrior, we have an array of techniques available to suit your specific condition. If you have questions about a Sports Related Injury and want to know how we can help, please feel free to call and talk with a member of our staff.

Let us customize a plan for you.

At Quinte Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic we believe in your treatment as a progression from passive treatments to more active, self-directed forms of care involving stretching and strengthening exercises.